General Electric

GE’s global internal IT organization, CoreTech, tapped our team to build a modern and innovative Internal Service Provider digital marketplace for its vast product and services suite. CoreTech’s goals required we apply customer-centric perspective as it reinvented how to serve GE’s 16 business units as valued customers, not just peers or co-workers.

Changing the working way

How do you serve business units so large that as individual companies they would be in the Fortune 500? We had to work with various GE teams to translate legacy ways of working with and provisioning tech into fast delivery of solutions focused on providing business outcomes, consulting and support.

What makes our relationship with 70kft ideal is their extensive experience in the cloud space.


Serving up on-site support

As a CoreTech sub-brand, MyTech serves employee tech needs such as laptop, phone, and customer support. We also were tasked with bringing on-location help desks to life, ala a virtual and physical Apple Store, complete with Genius Bar.

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