This “start-up” secure infrastructure company, worth $2.8 billion on its debut day, joined our family at the end of 2016. We moved like lightning to create a vibrant go-to-market brand that launched in mid-2017. Now, we’re attacking what naturally comes next—smart integrated marketing to drive awareness and sales momentum.

Starting from scratch

A business plan existed—create a global company by merging 52 acquired datacenters with five start-ups that excelled in security and analytics. But a name, logo, story and standards did not. In collaboration with our client, we devised a dynamic mark and system to work for everything from embroidered logos on golf shirts to giant lighted building signage.

70kft worked hard to establish a confident and progressive look and feel for a brand that belongs in a category of one.


Telling the story

Integral to launch was designing and developing a modern web experience that wove disparate stories of six individual companies into a cohesive and differentiating narrative for Cyxtera as a whole.

Cyxtera represents a new way of thinking about security and infrastructure. In creating the Cyxtera identity, we considered the audience, anticipating the needs facing enterprises as they transform their IT on one of the world’s largest and most secure platforms


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